“Gettysburg now has the perfect bookend to its Civil War Battlefield and Visitors’ Center—the World War II American Experience. This new World War II museum has it all—ride real Sherman tanks, learn the stories of real people who served, and touch and feel real history.”

Fred Rainbow, Editor-in-Chief, Retired, Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD.

“Nothing brings history to life like being able to touch, feel, see and hear it up close. The World War II American Experience recounts stories of both the Battlefield and the Homefront in a way that will provide lasting memories to visitors of all ages. It is a valuable addition to Gettysburg and a meaningful tribute to the miraculous accomplishments of the men and women of The Greatest Generation.”

– Jessica James, Award-winning author, travel writer and history lover

“With so many of our WWII veterans having passed, it is incumbent on us to tell their stories and preserve their legacy for future generations. The WWII American Experience is doing this with excellence. This museum is doing what no other museum is doing by unearthing some of the lesser known stories of service and sacrifice of those who served in WWII. Their passion for history and for honoring the men and women of The Greatest Generation makes this country a better place.”

– JD Huitt, filmmaker & storyteller, History Underground