Shop, Motorized, General Purpose

Manufacturer of truck chassis: GMC

In quotes is an excerpt from The GMC CCKW Truck in US Service by David Doyle

“This truck was developed for the Army Corps of Engineers as a means of supplying them with a fully equipped, mobile conveyance for all of the machinery and tools necessary for performing repair and maintenance work in the field. The vehicle was based on the GMC CCKW chassis.”

This truck is outfitted with a generator, lathe, drill press, bench grinder, hydraulic press, portable electric drills, oxyacetylene cutting and welding equipment and many hand tools. An A-frame boom can be fitted to the front bumper and elevated to be used as a boom for lifting engines and other objects. The cable from the front mounted winch is used with the boom to perform these types of operations. It is believed that there are less than 10 of these trucks in existence with only 2 restored versions in the US with this one being likely the most complete version in the US. The other one is on display in Carlisle and was once part of our collection.

GMC CCKW General Purpose Shop Truck
GMC CCKW General Purpose Shop Truck