Restored in a Naval configuration.

A previous owner had purchased this Jeep from Dick Ivory who was on the USS Hancock in WWII. Dick restored this Jeep to resemble the one he remembers from his time during WWII aboard the USS Hancock Aircraft Carrier. While aboard the USS Hancock docked at port, Dick claims the men of the ship “Liberated” a US Marine’s Jeep from the pier and hoisted it aboard the ship. They stowed it in the hanger bay quickly set about to make a custom Jeep for the Captain of the ship. The Ship mechanics repainted the Jeep Corsair Medium Blue as that was the paint they had aboard to paint the Corsair’s planes that the ship had. Then the ships Mate responsible for canvas tarps made special white seat covers and a top for the Jeep. Unfortunately Dick couldn’t find any of the original pictures of the Jeep so he restored this based on his memories of his Jeep from 1945.

1942 Ford GPW Jeep