Upcoming Lectures, Seminars and Group Discussions

Lectures, Seminars & Group Discussions

Homefront Presentations

  • Homefront Programs, including Food Rationing, Blackouts, War Bond Drives, V for Victory


  • Ike & Mamie Eisenhower
  • George Patton: The Man & The Myth
  • Eisenhower and His Generals
  • Operations Torch, Husky, Shingle, Anvil and Overlord
  • Omar Bradley—His Life and Career
  • Camp Colt, Camp Renaissance, Camp Sharp and The POW Camp at Gettysburg
  • John Eisenhower: Brigadier General, Ambassador to Belgium
  • Eisenhower’s Cold War Operations
  • Major General Fox Conner: The Man Who Made Ike
  • Major Dick Winters: Easy Company and the 101stAirborne in WWII
  • Secrets of WWII

Seminars/Group Discussions

  • McArthur and Eisenhower
  • D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy
  • Mark Clark — An American General
  • Eisenhower and The Women’s Army Corps
  • West Point Class of 1915: The Class the Stars Fell On
  • The Eisenhowers at Gettysburg
  • The History of Camp David
  • Billy Mitchell: The General —the Father of the Air Force and his Court Martial
  • President Truman and MacArthur: Their Conflicts
  • The Marine Corps and the Battle for the Pacific